The Advent Season

As a child, Christmas is a magical experience, and for many adults, it still is; however, more people may start to feel stressed during the holiday season. With all of the shopping, cooking, cleaning, and decorating, Christmas can feel like a part-time job, and honestly, sometimes it feels like we’re trying to manufacture the spirit of Christmas when, as we so fondly recall, isn’t it supposed to be something that happens upon us like flu season and 5 o’clock traffic? It shouldn’t be something you have to create. It should be unavoidable, inevitable.

It would be one thing if all of the hard work put into creating the perfect Christmas actually delivered some meaningful results, memories that last a lifetime, eternal, life-changing moments that will always warm our hearts, but, let’s be honest, more often than not, we’re simply surviving Christmas. And who remembers what they got last year?

This is the culture of consumerism that drives us to madness this time of year. However, there is a movement that aims to combat this spirit of consumerism. It’s called Advent Conspiracy. Advent Conspiracy is not anti-Christmas; it’s merely anti-consumerism.

According to the website,

 29.8Million = Estimated people held in slavery today

$601Billion Dollars = Total US holiday retail sales

$25 can provide a family of five access to safe water for a year

Advent Conspiracy urges consumers to spend less on meaningless things and spend more on the things that matter in order to influence the people around us for the better. Many churches and nonprofits are adopting this movement in order to promote their causes, and many of them believe that “Christmas can still change the world.”


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