A Local Movement Unites Nonprofit Missions

Closer to Love is a nonprofit organization founded by Jordan Poole, an undergraduate student at UNF. He calls it a “conduit for community,” a way for people to join together in unity for the building up of other nonprofits in Jacksonville. Every month, a meeting called Sanctuary is held in an old church in Springfield. As Christian believers gather in fellowship, worship, prayer, and celebration, a specific nonprofit organization is featured.

As explained on the new website, “This ever-growing community is dedicated to accomplishing the Great Commandment and Great Commission within their local expressions of the body of Christ. CTL’s passion is partnering with these local expressions by making an intentional effort to showcase them on a variety of platforms. Whether it be through social media, organized events or word of mouth, CTL is dedicated to proclaiming the work of Christ in any way possible. The primary form of showcasing these expressions will be through our monthly feature of a particular ministry, organization or business on our website. In addition, the feature ministry will also be showcased at a monthly worship night called Sanctuary.”

In November, the highlighted nonprofit was Kim’s Open Door. Kim, the founder, was given the floor, and she explained the purpose and mission of her nonprofit, which “was created to fund, train, and mobilize those dedicated to serve kids at risk in their communities.” Through Closer to Love, Kim was able to share a bit about her testimony and mission and the impact of Kim’s Open Door on at-risk children in Jacksonville.

The Closer to Love logo


Just this month, the CTL website was launched, and it provides loads of information about Jordan’s vision for the Closer to Love mission. As it states on the “Mission” page, the core values are “Transformational Living, Humility of Heart, Serving the Marginalized and Authentic Community.” As it builds a following and support from like-minded individuals in the community, Jordan hopes to grow his nonprofit even more in the coming year.


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