The Jaguar Impact

The Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t always been known for their accomplishments with the NFL; however, the football team makes an impact in a different way. Every since 1995, before the Jaguars played a single game, the Jaguars Foundation has been supporting the community by offering money and free tickets to charities and those in need.

Their mission: “Believing that youth represent the future, the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation is committed to support programs benefiting economically and socially disadvantaged youth, families and other NFL and team charitable initiatives.”

It’s impact in Jacksonville is evident by its provision of military and military veterans support, college scholarships, various youth programs throughout Jacksonville. Their performance on the field has no correlation with their presence among local charities, and some of the most recent events include players Jacques McClendon and Josh Scobee. According to the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation, McClendon visited Englewood High School to stress “the importance of education,” and Scobee led the golf tournament for Meals on Wheels earlier this month. The organization continues to serve many people and groups despite public perception of its athletic achievements, and it does so without self-promotion.

The Jaguars Foundation strives to benefit youth by providing the boost they need to achieve their dreams and goals; this is the driving motive behind the organization, and this year, it has provide $1 million in grant money for these charities and companies, and it donated more than 11,000 charitable tickets.

The players of the football team are invaluable role models for children and young aspiring athletes. These sports celebrities aim to maintain this role for anyone to look up to and lean on for support. Because of its mission and values, the foundation’s impact in Jacksonville is undeniable.   


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