Hello, fellow “Con Comms” students!

Obviously, this is my blog. I love blogs. I used to blog all the time before I really had anything to say, and now I love that I have an excuse to do more of it.

Really, I just love to write. It’s always been one of my favorite forms of creative expression.

With this blog (I have many), I am going to be dedicating my posts to following the non-profit organizations in Jacksonville, Florida and their influence on the city. I have a few connections in the non-profit life in Jacksonville; I’ve volunteered a lot, and since I’ve visited many churches in Jacksonville, I’ve been introduced to many other people involved in non-profit organizations around the city, some including Hands On Jacksonville, World Relief (I’m interning there this semester), Re-Threaded, the City Rescue Mission, and the Salvation Army. I am also interested in non-profits around the globe and have been involved in missions in Africa, but for the sake of this class, I’m sticking to just Jacksonville.

I can’t wait to follow everyone else’s stories and be challenged and stretched what in skills I’ve been taught as well as learn more about writing and reporting for electronic news!


-Rachel Trotter


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